What is TPI?

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the study of the biomechanics of the golf swing. They work exclusively with both pro and amateur golfers globally to help them reach the top of their game. Over the past 13 years, TPI has studied thousands of golfers from top PGA professionals to weekend enthusiasts. They’ve gathered data on players of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels to develop a program designed to help players achieve the most efficient and effective golf swing.

18 of the last 20 Major Championship winners had a TPI certified expert on their team.

25 of the top 30 players in the world have a TPI certified expert on their team.

52 of the last 63 PGA tour events were won by a pro being advised by a TPI expert.


Benefits of working with a TPI Professional

• Improved swing consistency
• Increased power and longer drives
• Reduced pain or fatigue through a full 18 holes
• Smooth effortless swing with a full range of motion


Who is TPI for?
TPI sessions are for golfers of all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to seasoned veterans. We believe that anyone’s golf game can be improved, you shouldn’t have to play in pain and golf should be a game you enjoy for the entirety of your life.


Swing Analysis
The TPI program is designed to identify and assess the most common swing characteristics that can lead to mechanical inefficiencies in your golf swing, and put you at greater risk for injury.By diagnosing swing tendencies, our professionals are able to increase power, develop consistency, improve over all performance, limit the impact of old or chronic injuries and most importantly prevent new injuries from happening so you can enjoy a long a pain-free golf career.

Standard TPI Movement Screen
The basic TPI Movement Screen is a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their golf game. It is a combination of 16 tests which are used to assess your current movement capabilities, identify limitations, and provide you with your “Body-Swing” connection. The “Body-Swing” connection is a term coined by TPI which illustrates the link between physical deficiencies and potential swing tendencies that may be holding back your game or putting you at risk for injury.

TPI Clinical Assessment
For golfers wanting to take their game to the next level or those dealing with chronic or recurrent injuries, the full TPI Medical Professional assessment screen looks deeper into the anatomical and functional movement flaws of the golfer.

Therapeutic Exercise Prescription
After a thorough clinical assessment, your clinician will formulate a personalized therapeutic exercise program to address any biomechanical weaknesses or limitations. Exercises will not only help golfers overcome injuries and mechanical dysfunctions but also reduce the risk of future injuries. Programs can be tailored to be done in the comfort of your own home or with a health/fitness professional.

Performance Therapy
Performance therapy sessions are clinical-grade training sessions with a designated health professional. Sessions are tailored to each client’s specific goals as identified by swing analysis and functional movement screens. Training can be completed at home, at the club, in a gym or within our clinic.

Range Session
Range sessions allow our professionals to apply TPI theory in a live, hands-on setting. Corrective exercises and live swing adaptations help golfers work through flaws identified by their TPI swing analysis.


Extended Health Coverage
You don’t need to be injured to make the most of your extended health coverage! TPI services are a great way to make use of chiropractic, kinesiology, physiotherapy or RMT coverage that may normally go to waste. If you don’t typically use certain services or have underutilized coverage, most extended health providers will allow those dollars to be put toward TPI services. Contact us to see how to best utilize your coverage!


Dr. Lendvoy
As a Certified Level 2 TPI Medical Professional, Dr. Lendvoy is one of only a handful of health professionals in BC specifically qualified to work with professional and amateur golfers using the TPI program. He combines his background in high-level athletics, experience as a strength and conditioning specialist and registered Kinesiologist and clinical expertise as a Doctor of Chiropractic to provide complete assessment, diagnostic, performance and sport therapy services. Together with his team of experienced physiotherapists, kinesiologists, RMT’s and trainers, golfers are able to benefit from the full Titleist Performance Institute experience.

Ready to take your golf to the next level?

More about TPI
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